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Staten Island has some of the toughest judges in the five boroughs. Get help fighting your ticket. 

Staten Island has some of the toughest judges in the five boroughs. Get help fighting your ticket. 

If you are issued a traffic ticket for speeding, cell phone use, running a red light or stop sign, following too closely, or anything else, you should definitely fight it.  In the Staten Island Traffic Court (located at 1775 South Ave #2, Staten Island, NY 10314and all other traffic courts located in New York City, there is no plea bargaining on traffic tickets.  What that means is that the judge is not permitted to negotiate.  Therefore, there is no way to work out a plea without a hearing. In short, you have no incentive to plead guilty.  If you lose a hearing, you will end up with the same result as if you had pled guilty.  If you hire me, I will appear on your behalf and you will not even need to show up.  I will also enter a plea of not guilty and handle your ticket for you from beginning to end.  You will have the benefit of a former Assistant District Attorney working for you.

Staten Island is a particularly difficult place to fight traffic tickets.  The Judges there are particularly tough.  Judge Levine has the highest conviction rates in the state of New York let alone the City. Furthermore, a simple google search will show you that in Staten Island the Judges can be especially harsh and are more likely to suspend your license.  Having a former prosecutor on your side may make the difference between having your license suspended or not.


Consequences for Tickets in the Staten Island

If you are issued a ticket, it is critical that you understand the consequences.  Obviously, there are fines associated with tickets that can exceed $500 dollars.  But many people fail to consider is that one traffic ticket can lead to the suspension of your license and increase your insurance premiums dramatically.  If your insurance company raises your premium for $50 each month for the next few years, a ticket can easily cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.  Below is a helpful chart that will help you understand how many points you face with various traffic infractions.

If you work with my office, I will do my best to reduce or remove points, and fines wherever it is possible.


How To Fight a Staten Island Traffic Ticket

There are many different ways that you can get a ticket dismissed.  You may have a valid excuse for speeding if we can establish that due to a health emergency you were required to speed or violate another traffic rule.  You may also be able to establish that speeding was the prudent course of action in order to avoid another road hazard.  Additionally, there are many clerical errors that can result in a dismissal.  For example in a speeding ticket, the officer is required to testify that he not only used a radar or laser but that he also estimated your speed.  The officer must also testify that you passed a posted sign indicating the speed and that sign was clearly legible and unmarked by graffiti.  In all types of tickets, the officer is required to accurately testify regarding the time, date, direction of travel, visibility, of the incident.  If he fails to testify to a necessary element for your ticket, I will do my best to get the ticket dismissed.  Often times, police officers will testify orally to something different from what they had written in their notes.  At the hearing, I will review their notes and memo books and look for inconsistencies that will lead to a dismissal.  There are countless potential defenses that can and should be raised.


Why hire me for your Staten Island ticket?

As a former prosecutor, I have prepared thousands of officers to testify.  I know from personal experience when they make mistakes and how to take advantage of them.  Whether it’s a cell phone ticket, a speeding ticket, a red light ticket, or anything else, I bring years of experience as a former prosecutor to help get your ticket dismissed.  I am also intimately aware of the different Judges in Staten Island and am familiar with different strategies to use to get the best possible outcome. For a free consultation call me at 917-903-6669.