Desk Appearance Tickets NYC


Police Officers may use their discretion and issue a Desk Appearance Ticket or DAT under Criminal Procedure Law or C.P.L. Section 150.10.  If you are given a DAT there will be a return date on which you are required to return to court.  If you are given a DAT, you have been arrested.  Unlike a typical arrest where you are brought to central booking and subsequently arraigned, you are given a return date where you must return to court in order to be arraigned.  If you fail to show up on your return date, the Judge is likely to issue a warrant.  Once there is a warrant issued for your arrest, you could be apprehended anywhere at any time.  If you have been given a DAT you should take it seriously and make sure that you appear in court on your return date for your arraignment.  At your arraignment, you will have the opportunity to appear in front of a judge and find out what charges are being brought against you.  You will also have an opportunity to make arguments on bail and arguments that DAT is insufficient and should be dismissed.  A DAT is like any other criminal matter and can have immigration consequences, fines, and result in a conviction that will remain on your record.

If you have been issued a DAT you should contact us at 917 903-6669 for a free consultation during which Mr. Gerschel will be able to advise you of what you can reasonably expect and what your best defenses are.