Should i fight my traffic ticket in nyc?


I got a speeding ticket in nyc. Should i fight it? 

Yes! Unlike other jurisdictions in New York, there is no plea bargaining on traffic tickets in the Bronx, Staten Island, or any of the other boroughs of NYC. This means you can't just call up the DA and ask for reduced fines and points: You either pay the ticket and take the points, or you go to court. As an experienced attorney, I've helped many get the best possible outcome for their traffic tickets, and know the best way to fight your ticket.  

How much is your initial consultation fee? 

Free. I will give you an overview of the process and make sure you have a solid understanding of what you are facing. I will explain my fee structure to you and describe what steps I would take if you decide to work with me. The choice is up to you. I will be prepared to interview witnesses, negotiate with the prosecutor, and file motions in order to reduce penalties or get your case dismissed if possible. 


How much are your fees?

My fees are fair, straight-forward, and honest. When I can, I try to avoid charging an hourly rate. My clients prefer flat fees so they know what they are going to spend up-front. There are no hidden fees. My fees depend on the nature and severity of your case.


My loved one was just arrested, what can I do?

You should call an attorney immediately. It is critical that someone reaches out to the arresting officer or detective in order to let them know that the defendant is represented by counsel and should not be questioned about the case without his or her attorney present. This is a critical time in the arrest process — don't let them say something that will be used against them later.


What if I am not a US citizen.  how will this effect my case? 

There may be severe immigration consequences to pleading guilty or being convicted. In these cases, I will consult with an immigration attorney in order to give you the best possible advice. 

Do you accept cases from outside of new york?  

I am barred and licensed in the State of New York and the focus of my practice is there. I do not solicit cases in other states.