Pink Summons NYC


New York City issues thousands of summonses every year to corporations and entities. 

The Police may issue a corporate summons often called a "pink summons" to a corporation rather than an individual. Typically restaurants, trucking companies, and taxi companies are issued corporate summonses. The first thing to know is to know if your company receives a pink summons is that you will need an attorney. Only an attorney may represent a corporate entity. Many of my clients come to me after having wasted a day in court trying to resolve the matter on their own only to be told by the judge that they must retain an attorney.

Don’t make the same mistake. 

Often pink summonses are issued to commercial vehicles that have faulty equipment. The fines can be very high, often reaching thousands of dollars. My strategy is to bring clear and convincing documentation which shows that the corporate entity resolved any issues related to the faulty equipment or code violation. While my goal is to get all of my client’s cases dismissed, at a minimum my objective is to significantly reduce fines after establishing that my client resolved any violations to the best of their abilities.

I have a very good success rate. If you read my reviews on Avvo, you will see that I have saved corporations thousands of dollars. I was a prosecutor for many years where I handled countless pink summons cases. I have an insider’s perspective on how to resolve them quickly and efficiently.