Red light camera ticket nyc


There are two types of tickets for running a red lights. 

The first one is a ticket that results from a red light camera taking a picture of your vehicle. If you receive a ticket for running a red light based on a photo from a red light camera, there will be no points assessed against your license, but there will be a fine.

You can pay the fine issued with the ticket, but you can also contest the ticket in court and possibly avoid the fine. I give free consultations to those with red light tickets in NYC all the time, and am upfront about how much it costs to fight such a ticket.  

Running a red light is a common offense in NYC and the Bronx. 

Running a red light is a common offense in NYC and the Bronx. 

If a police officer issues you a ticket for running a red light, however, there will be a fine and three points on your license which will last for 18 months. If you acquire six total points in any 18-month period you will be hit with the New York Drivers Responsibility Fee. This is a $100 annual fee for three years which may increase depending on how many points you receive. You can learn more about this fee from the DMV website.

As an experienced attorney, I have helped clients avoid costly fees, increased insurance premiums, and license suspensions stemming from these types of tickets.